Mercedes Benz: European Car Repair Service

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Mercedes Benz Service B

Mercedes-Benz is a car brand associated with luxury, reliability, German engineering and efficiency. It runs like clockwork, like a well-oiled cog—rarely demanding, always delivering. But just like with any other automobile, it too needs maintenance and repairs. Here at Timotors, our services help keep your European luxury car running smoothly and problem-free.

Mercedes Benz Service A and Service B

A Mercedes Benz vehicle is comprised of a wide range of mechanical and computational systems. These are interdependent on one another, so when one stops working as intended, your car suffers as a result. Fortunately, Mercedes AMG has come up with Service A and Service B to keep your car running for many years to come.

Here at Texas Int’l Motors, we’re certified to offer both Service A and Service B at our auto shop. We have been offering these services since the early 1990s. With our experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and Bosch certified mechanics, it’s small wonder why we’re Houston’s favorite.

Why choose Texas Int’l Motors over dealership?

We offer the same quality of work as a Mercedes dealership—only our work is affordable. We take great pride in our abilities, but we also respect fellow Houstonians. Unlike dealerships, we don’t try justifying charging Houstonians exorbitant prices. We believe in putting the community first. Over the decades, we’ve learned that when we do that, everyone in the Houston area benefits.

Mercedes Benz Repair Services

Regardless of the condition of your car—whether it’s a pre owned vehicle, in good condition or in dire need of repairs Texas Int’l Motors has got you covered. So bring your car around so we can run our tests to determine its condition. We can keep minor issues from turning into big ones if we can detect them. If we find any issues, it’s only a matter of having the affected components repaired or replaced to keep your automobile’s overall health in a good state.
Our offered Houston Mercedes repair services include:

  • Synthetic Motor Oil Change
  • OEM Mercedes repair in Katy
  • Oil Change Mercedes
  • All fluid level checks and corrections at customized intervals for your particular vehicle’s
  • year and model.
  • Thorough tire inflation checks and correction
  • A rigorous brake system inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter
  • Cabin dust/combination filter change
  • Onboard computer repairs and reprogramming
  • And much more

We take pride in all that we offer. Every repair we’ve done, we’ve done with attention for detail, care and pride. We treat our customers like family, and so we treat your car like our own. With respect, transparency and enthusiasm. All that to prove that just as you deserve the best auto repair service, we too deserve your trust and your business.

We work on all Mercedes Benz models, makes and years.

  • CLA-Class
  • E-Class
  • GLA-Class
  • GLC-Class
  • CLS-Class
  • Sprinter Van
  • GLS-Class
  • S-Class
  • M-Class
  • SL-Class
  • AMG GT
  • Mercedes Maybach
  • Mercedes Benz C Class