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Mercedes Benz Service B

When the Two Wrenches sign appears on your Mercedes-Benz dashboard, it’s time to bring it over to Timotors Houston auto shop for servicing. There are two types of routine servicing needed for Mercedes Benz vehicles: the Service-A and the Service-B. These are best seen as two packages containing much smaller maintenance and servicing procedures. Service A, for example, entails tire inspection; checking if all warning lamps and headlights are in working condition; oil and oil filter change; moving parts are lubricated, etc.

Service B, alongside Service A, is one of the procedures in the Mercedes​​​ Flexible Service System, a series of servicing and maintenance routines a Mercedes Benz typically goes through throughout its lifetime. The first B-Service visit is due after about 20,000 miles or a year after the previous service. Following the first visit, the B-Service is due every 20,000 miles, or two years, roughly. As you’ve likely observed by now, there is no set milestone after which the Service B servicing is due. The precise time when your Mercedes Benz is due servicing is determined by the Flexible Service System, your Mercedes Benz’s onboard computer system tasked with taking your particular driving style into account to determine your vehicle’s servicing needs.

The servicing provided is unique to the particular Mercedes Benz make and model. You can trust our Mercedes specialist mechanics at our certified Mercedes Katy auto to take your Mercedes repair needs very seriously.

Our offered Houston Mercedes repair services include:

  • Synthetic Motor Oil Change
  • OEM Mercedes repair in Katy​
  • Oil Change Mercedes
  • All fluid level checks and corrections at customised intervals for your particular vehicle’s year and model.
  • Thorough tire inflation checks and correction
  • A rigorous brake system inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter
  • Cabin dust/combination filter change

During Service B, our Certified Mercedes-Benz Technicians will examine your vehicle’s engine components using specialised equipment to be sure that all the mechanical, electronic, and computerised devices are functioning properly.

Your engine coolant may gradually become contaminated, becoming unable to safeguard your engine from freezing when it’s cold outside and overheating when it’s hot. To prevent this doesn’t happen, our Mercedes specialist mechanics will also check your Mercedes Benz’s heating and cooling system. This will save you money by helping you avoid costly repairs in future.

Finally, your favourite Houston Mercedes mechanics will check your fuel lines system and all connectors for any damage or wear and tear. We’ll also check your fuel tank vapour vent system, hoses and fuel tank supports.

This is why it’s so critical that we employ only the best mechanics for Mercedes Benz in our Houston Mercedes Benz auto shop to oversee your European vehicle’s B-Service–because we value you and your automobile.

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