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Mini Cooper Service Repair

Mini Cooper Transmission Repair

Mini Cooper Service Repair by Texas Int’l Motors

A Fine Legacy
The Mini Cooper has had an illustrious history especially in the United States. The British Motor Corporation (BMC) exported somewhere around 10,000 Minis to the United States be-tween 1960-67. Following stricter Federal automobile regulation that made purchasing Minis too expensive for most consumers in America, the BMC discontinued its American sales.
Following the Mini marque’s acquisition in 1994 by BMW, the Bavarian carmaker secured Mini’s prospects in America. Over the span of a decade and a half not only did the Mini return to the States, but it secured a foothold much stronger than ever before. In 2012, the United States was Mini’s largest national market, with 66,123 units sold; beating even Britain’s 50,367 units.

Minis Today

Even today, the Mini Cooper’s form factor never fails to snatch everyone’s attention nearby. Minis driven in Houston’s streets continue to invoke a plethora of emotions within the beholder. Speed, dexterity, customization and unique look, all thrown together to form the perfect package: the Mini Cooper.
Specialized Mini Repairs and Maintenance
Despite all this, there’s only so much a Mini can handle. Like any other car, state-of-the-art or not, repair and maintenance should be expected. The transmission (or the gear box, for those Brits here who are proud to own their quintessentially British car) might need replacing; the steering wheel might stiffen up, requiring urgent care for your power steering. And if you’re driving a manual Mini—yes, here’s another nod to our British customers—the clutch cable might start giving way, requiring repairs.
For any and all repairs and maintenance needs, bring your Mini round to Timotors for thorough examinations and servicing. We understand and respect Mini Coopers like none other in Houston, Texas. Let us care for your Mini by offering a cheap, yet high quality mini cooper service repair that you’d simply be hard pressed to find anywhere else in and around Houston.
What’s more, if you wish to install fully customized upgrades for your Mini, we happily offer them here at Timotors. We’re well known for our turbo booster upgrades, which can make your Minis fly away on Houston’s motorways at unparalleled speeds.

Mini Cooper Service Repair includes following services:

  • Transmission
  • Engine Problem
  • Service and Repair of Regular Mini Cooper’s problem

  • R50: “Mk I” Mini One & Cooper (2001–2006)
  • R52: “Mk I” Mini Convertible (2004–2008)
  • R53: “Mk I” Mini Cooper S (2001–2006)
  • R55: “Mk II” Mini Clubman (2007–2014)
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