Porsche Repair Service

From the very start, Porsche has been and continues to be an innovator in the auto industry. Its innovations make it stand out over all else in terms of performance, safety, environmental safety. Over the decades, Porsche has firmly set in place industry standards and broken industry milestones. It has a distinguished racing heritage with well over 28,000 triumphs under its belt. Porsche is well-entrenched as the world’s most successful brand when it comes to sports car racing and TIMotors specializes in Porsche repair and performance boost upgrades.

Best Porsche Repair & Restoration Shop
TI Motors has proven itself as the single most dependable Porsche repair service shop in Houston throughout these last four decades. Our expert mechanics know how to resurrect any older Porsche model back to life again. Our Porsche restoration services are top of the line. You can rest assured that when we are working on your Porsche, we will treat it as if it were our own. We’ll explain every minute detail concerning repairs.

Air Cooled & Water Cooled Porsche Service
We’re one of the very only shops in Houston with the professional service team that can work in both air- and water-cooled engines. TIMotors can also rebuild air-cooled engines.

We take care of our customers, so our slogan for customer service is “Customer Service is not a department, it is everyone’s duty”. Reviews show how customers are important to us. Vehicle owners in Houston TX know us with that TI Motors is the only place to take care of their Porsche professionally. You may want to book an appointment to repair your Porsche.

A professional service Porsche in Houston can perform repairs, services, and maintenance of all kind and type of this beloved vehicle. To maintenance a Porsche, the mechanic needs to have experience on European cars and their features. Repairs, services professionals are trained and qualified for repairing  Porsche car. One of the best vehicles service shops, a specialist in Porsche is Texas International Motors in Houston owned by Maziar to service Porsche cars and service vehicles.

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