Houston BMW Service & Repair specialist

BMW repair specialist

Houston BMW Service & Repair. Also, what more is there to be said about BMW that hasn’t already been said? From this, with style and performance so perfectly and precisely intertwined, the BMW has firmly established its rightful place as one of the most popular European luxury cars that is so enviously sought after amongst car enthusiasts all around the world.

As well as, ff you’re taking your car to the BMW dealership for all your service, maintenance, and repairs, you need to stop! You are undoubtedly overspending and your BMW probably isn’t getting treated with the respect it deserves. T.I. Motors’ staff are equipped with the necessary tools and skills needed to properly handle all your BMW needs.


BMW Performance Tuning

Our advanced repair and maintenance facilities come packing with up-to-date dealer diagnostic equipment. Additionally, our team of ASE and Bosch certified technicians has an extensive and inexhaustible bank of expert knowledge when it comes to BMWs. Also, They are rigorously trained to handle a wide range of BMW models, both new and old.

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Houston BMW Service Experts

T.I. Motors deploys experienced mechanics to treat your BMW as she deserves. Also, call us today for detail to get to know how do we treat your vehicle.



Common BMW Malfunctions


BMW’s in-car computer, iDrive, informs the driver that the parking brake isn’t working and prompts that the car needs to be inspected. This troublesome problem can be easily resolved by our staff of well-trained and well-stocked mechanics.  BMW repair specialist