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European Domestic Wheel Alignment

European Domestic Wheel Alignment. Equipped with Hunter Laser Alignment machine. Timotors can handle all makes and models. Houston roads will misalign your vehicle. An alignment issue can damage suspension components, tires as well as make it difficult to steer your vehicle. From Houston BMW Alignment, Houston Mercedes Benz Alignment, Houston Land Rover Alignment. Also, Houston Mini Cooper Alignment, Houston Audi Alignment. As well as, Houston Galleria Maserati Alignment, Houston galleria Jaguar Alignment. Also, Houston Galleria VW Alignment. Serving Sugar Land, Missouri City, Uptown and Galleria Area. Call Today and make an appointment to have an Alignment.

European Domestic Wheel Alignment. If you’re planning to purchase a luxury car, have it properly inspected. So, Texas International Motors (TI Motors) offers prospective buyers a 155 point inspection on all pre-owned European vehicles. Additionally, we know the importance of purchasing a pre-owned car process is to be free of mind.

  • Comprehensive 155-point Pre-purchase Inspection

CARFAX Vehicle History Report is available upon request. CARFAX is a trusted provider of vehicle history information. There database of over 4 billion records from thousands of public and private data sources. A CARFAX Vehicle History Report TM may include:

In addition, a 2-5 mile road test, condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, rust, tires and wheels, glass, interior, missing parts, oil leaks, electrical items, and drive train performance.

Also, inspections provide potential buyers with valuable information on the vehicle’s condition. Additionally, the inspection includes a test drive, review of mechanical operations, and a review of appearance. Also, including a consumer-friendly report along with pictures to help buyers understand the inspector’s findings. Therefore, third party inspections can validate a seller’s claims about a vehicle’s condition.

European Domestic Wheel Alignment

3rd party vehicle inspection is generated by certified expertise with no affiliation with the buyer or seller for an unbiased report. The inspector identifies any problems at the time of the inspection and creates a full report.

Inspection reports that generated by TI Motors include body damage, paintwork, frame damage, leaks, electrical problems, mechanical problems, lack of maintenance, interior damage, and many other issues that our inspectors face on a daily basis.

Also, a Pre-Purchase Inspection will protect both parties from dealing with a vehicle with mechanical history problems from dealerships or individual sellers. So, our inspection service should be the first that comes to mind when buying any type of used vehicles such as a car, truck or van.

Any further questions or concerns please email or call nearest vehicle inspection, Texas International Motors. (713) 781-7825