Mini Cooper Timing Chain Noise Fix in Houston, TX

TI Motors is one of the leading Mini Cooper maintenance and repair companies in Texas. Our certified technicians specialize in a number of Mini Cooper maintenance services! These include Mini Cooper timing chain noise fix in Houston, TX. You can count on TI Motors for the most important engine maintenance and repairs. Timing chain problems can occur often in high-mileage vehicles. Like any other moving component of an engine, timing chains can wear down. This can be due to low levels of oil, poor oil quality, or just general usage.

Our TI Motors technicians are Houston’s Mini Cooper timing chain noise fix experts. They specialize in identifying the exact cause of your vehicle’s timing chain problem. As a result, getting your Mini Cooper timing chain noise fix services completed at the first sign of trouble will save you a lot of time and money! Don’t let a small issue become a big problem. Give TI Motors, the leading Houston Mini Cooper timing chain noise fix specialists a call now!

Mini Cooper Timing Chain Noise Fix in Houston

Ti Motors is one of the leading auto repair shops in Houston! Our certified specialists and technicians are expertly trained and experienced . For the best service diagnostic experts and regular maintenance mechanics operating out of Houston, Texas. We offer comprehensive level auto repair services at an affordable price for all makes and models of European cars.

More about the Mini Cooper


The Mini Cooper has had an illustrious history, especially in the United States. The British Motor Corporation (BMC) exported somewhere around 10,000 Minis to the United States between 1960-67. Following stricter Federal automobile regulation, the BMC discontinued its American sales.

Following the Mini marque’s acquisition in 1994 by BMW, the Bavarian carmaker secured Mini’s prospects in America. Over the span of ~15 years, it secured a foothold much stronger than ever before. In 2012, the United States was Mini’s largest national market, with 66,123 units sold; beating even Britain’s 50,367 units.